672 Paceway Centre,
(Old Pretoria Rd)
Louis Botha Ave
Wynberg, 2090

Phone: (011) 440-2714



Valerie - Company Director

As the company director, Valerie is the driving force behind the

 Q-brands team and holds a level of excellence within the company.

She has had over 25 years of experience in the automotive aftermarket

industry and is actively involved in sales and customer relations. 

Mando - Financial Manager

Mando has been in the accounting field for 11 years and manages

all accounting, administration, business records, transactions and anything that is finance related.

For any accounts queries, rest assured that Mando will attend to them swiftly.

Wisdom - Driver  / Warehouse

Wisdom is the key person in charge of the upkeep and packing of all the stock in our warehouse.  He is also responsible for the unpacking of all the containers that arrive at our warehouse.

Wisdom also does our deliveries when necessary.

Ernest - Surface Preparation Technician

Ernest is our surface preparation technician who will demonstrate our range of products to your staff as well as train them on the correct procedures and usesages of the product.  Ernest ensures that all systems are in place from putties to primers.

Ernest is also responsible for the sales of our range of products into the  body shops.

Geoff - National Sales Manager

Geoff is the National Sales Manager for Q-Brands.

He has been actively involved in the abrasive and automotive refinishing industry for over 30 years.

Geoff will provide all necessary training on site when required for any of our products.

Ricky - Brand Technician

Ricky has joined the Q-Brands team as our Technician.  He is responsible for the Roberlo Automotive 2k & Basecoat Mixing System as well as the Industrial System under the Disolac+ label.  Ricky has received training in Spain on the Roberlo range of products as well as Germany for the 4CR range of products.

For any product demonstrations, Ricky is your point of contact.


Chris - Warehouse

Chris has recently joined the team as our storeman.  Chris is responsible for making sure all stock is packed in the corrrect allocated areas as well as seeing to the offloading of all our containers that arrive at the warehouse.

Thulani - Polisher

Dr has recently joined our tech team as our polish technician. 

He is responsible for the sales of our polish brands into the body shops.  Thulani demonstrates the various polish products as well as train the staff on the correct procedures and usage of our polish systems.

Thabang - Polisher

Thabang joined our tech team as an experience polisher.  He is resopnsible for making sure your staff are trained in the correct procedures and usage of our polish systems.